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Lucid Figments

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This community was created as a place for me to house all my creative works. You’ll find all my writing (original & fan fiction), graphics (icons, textures, wallpapers, banners … etc.) and other goodies. Enjoy your stay!

The Library

I pulled out my organization hat when it came to ensuring that this was community was easy for users to navigate through. There are two systems being used. Firstly, you can take a look through all the tags or you can search through the memories. Multi-chapter pieces only are placed in the memory once, for the first chapter. In each chapter post I do offer a full chapter list link to make it easier to navigate.

All table challenges have the prompts linked directly to the response piece. For TtH100 I've linked the prompts in the table along with including a chronological direct link to the chapters.

Hopefully all of the above makes this community extremely user friendly to navigate through!

To Those That Inspire

There have been so many amazing authors & artists that have inspired me through out the years. The list is long and you know who you all are. Thank you! Thanks for your endless encouragement and for taking the time to help me improve my craft. You guys are so talented! Love you all! xoxo


I am not making any profit off of the pieces/graphics/etc. hosted on this community. No infringement is intended, all characters (excluding Original Characters) are owned by their creators & co. They deserve endless praise for creating such intricate/dynamic characters and stories that cause my muse to want to play.

To readers/lurkers/reviewers, please note that each piece is rated appropriately along with warnings. If you are not of age, do not click on the link. If the warning causes you to clinch with unhappy feelings, do not click to read/view. If you chose to click on a link when you are under age I am not liable. Warnings/ratings are in place to prevent you from reading something that could offend, so use them. Reading discretion is advised.

Affiliates & Buttons

Email Me if you'd like to become affiliates. You can view/pick up the buttons here

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Credits & Resources

Layout: There Isn't a Telephone Wire by milou_veronica
Banner: lucid_figments
Awards: Awards & Nominations
Other: All graphics have a fully detailed list of resources. Presents given have a link to their creator and endless thanks for the lovelies!